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Adventure Holidays

Many tour operators and travel agencies have specially designed adventure holidays that will take you to the furthest corners and most isolated spots in the World.

For most people traveling to a foreign country is in itself an adventure, but for those wanting more there are many options. Many tour operators and travel agencies have specially designed adventure holidays that will take you to the furthest corners and most isolated spots in the World. Adventure holidays can be found on all continents, and here are some examples.

Africa has some of the worlds most stunning sights and challenging experiences. On the north-western edge of the continent is the coastal nation of Morocco, where challenging climbs in the Atlas Mountains and rich cultural experiences are major adventures. Further towards the east is Tunisia, a good starting point for adventure trips across the Saharan dunes. Africas south and east regions are equally rewarding and offer the chance to experience some of the planets most spectacular wildlife in an African safari . Tanzania is known for its enriching safari trips and Kilimanjaro trek holidays. Whether mountaineering, going on safari or simply soaking up the continents ancient history, Africa has so many adventures to offer.

In Southeast Asia there are many countries and ancient cultures, all of those are an adventure in their own right. Travel to China, India,Cambodia or Japan to experience these countries ancient history and tradition, or visit Borneo to experience untouched rainforest and unique wildlife. You can go on a Rajang River cruise in northwest of Borneo where you will find one of the most diverse eco systems on the planet. If mountain trekking and spiritual discovery is what you are after, a trekking trip to Nepal or Tibet could be the right choice. In India you may spot tigers in one of their many wildlife sanctuaries or you can go on a jeep safari in the desert of Rajasthan. In Southeast Asia you will also find some very unique diving opportunities.

There is so much more to holidays in Europe than sun, sea and package tours if you go a little off the beaten track. Norway, Sweden and Finland are all big countries with small populations and therefore vast areas with untouched nature. In all of these countries you can experience the midnight sun if you go to the north of the polar circle, and the weather is actually quite nice in the summer with day temperatures sometimes above 25 centigrade. A popular adventure holiday is to go on a Norwegian Fjord cruise all the way up to the Artic island of Svalbard. But Europe offers many other adventures, for instance trekking or mountaineering in the Alps or the Pyrenees, cruising in the Mediterranean Sea, visiting Ancient Greece and do island hopping in the Aegean Sea, there are almost no limit the number of adventures that can be enjoyed in Europe.

South America Adventure Holidays are sure to be on many peoples must-do lists. Whether taking in the jungles of Guyana or visiting the birthplace of the Inca Empire in Peru. Many people will have Brazil among the first choices for an adventure holiday in South America, there is the Amazon River and rain forest, the phenomenal Iguazu Falls, the Rio Carnival and numerous environmental reserves. In Argentina the vast Pampas attracts many adventurous travelers, some will go on horse-back others by car, and Patagonia in the south, with renowned national parks in El Calafate and Tierra del Fuego, is definitely worth a visit. The world famous Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean are part of Ecuador. The Andes Mountain Range stretches all the way along the western part of South America; it is one of the wildest and most beautiful places on earth.

In North America you can explore Canada's lakes, mountains and wildlife, showcasing awesome natural beauty and all things adventurous. Alaska with its wild and unspoilt beauty offers endless opportunities for hiking, sightseeing and adventure. USA has scenic coastlines, majestic mountains, vast prairies, deserts and canyons to offer the adventurous travelers. Mexico has Maya temples, tropical jungles and stunning beaches to be explored.

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