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City Breaks
In most cities there are so many things to see and do, that it is advisable to make some planning before you go.
City breaks are usually a relatively active holiday. Once arrived at your chosen city you would want to see as many of its attractions as possible, visit museums and art galleries, maybe go to the theatre, ballet or the opera to watch a performance. You may also want to get a feel for the city by visiting different areas, go to restaurants to taste the local cuisine or just walk around and do some window or real shopping, while others may prefer to go to local markets in the city.

In most cities there are so many things to see and do, that it is advisable to make some planning before you go. Find out what attractions you want to see the most and where they are located, make bookings in advance for performances you want to attend or make reservations at special restaurants. Many cities have hop on and hop off tourist busses that take you around the city and its main attractions. If you have not had enough time to do your planning for the visit it could be a good idea to start seeing the city by using one of those busses, they will give you an idea of where the attractions are located, you can get off the bus when you want to and get on a later bus to complete the tour.

Choosing the hotel where you would want to stay is also important, especially if you visit one of the big cities like London, New York or Paris. The most attractive locations are often very expensive so to find a hotel a little outside of the center can save you quite a lot of money. Make sure you choose a hotel with easy access to the city's public transportation. In London for instance hotels on Park Lane or on Knightsbridge are very expensive, but if you go just a short distance to the west, for instance around Paddington Station and to Notting Hill you get good value for money and the underground trains that can take you around London are easy to get to. Hotels in a city are usually very different from those at holiday destinations. Only very few city hotels would have a swimming pool or special facilities for children.

When planning a city break it is also important to take into account the weather. There are many cities you would not want go to in the hot season like for instance Delhi or other big cities in India, Bangkok in Thailand, Seville and Madrid in Spain, and Mexico City to name a few. In other cities there are the opposite problem meaning that you should not go there during winter because it is too cold or too wet.

There are many cities around the world worth visiting; among those with the most annual visitors are London, New York, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Rio de Janeiro.These are all major cities with millions of inhabitants.

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