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Golf Holidays
Golf is plaid all over the world although at present North America and Europe are the main golfing continents.

In recent years golf holidays and golf breaks have become very popular with golfers and golf tourism is an ever grooving business. Golf is plaid all over the world although at present North America and Europe are the main golfing continents.

The US is currently the largest market for golf in the world; wherever you travel there are literally hundreds of golf courses and the vast majorities are only too pleased to welcome visitors. With so many courses to choose from standards have to be high to survive. There is an abundance of land on this huge continent and some of the golfing layouts sweep across vast tracts of wild terrain; others are residential developments with high quality housing backing onto the fairways. Among the most popular states for golfing and golf holidays are: Florida, California and Hawaii.

There are more than 150
golf courses in Mexico. Most of the major golf resorts are situated in the coastal lowland areas, where climate is tropical. The golf courses in Mexico are among the very best in North America, add to this the startling beauty of the country surrounding the golf courses with breathtaking views and challenging water and vegetation hazards.

The game itself was invented in Europe and it continues to be very popular there.
Ireland and the UK, particularly Scotland, are steeped in golfing tradition and offer the visitor some of the best links courses in the world. Of the 4000+ golf clubs in Europe, about 2,600 are in the British Isles. Spain and Portugal are very popular with golfers from all over Europe. These countries have long been popular tourist destinations and golf is an added attraction to the fine weather, sandy beaches and colonial architecture. As expected, most of the clubs are situated in the tourist regions.

Among the most popular destinations for playing golf in
Asia are: Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Singapore, but golf is plaid almost everywhere in Asia.

Argentina is a premier golf destination in South America, and has more golf courses than any other South American country. The country is beautiful, the resorts are civilized, and there are many great courses in all of the scenic regions of Argentina.

In Africa,
South Africa's excellent climate makes golf a year round attraction. There are more than 400 registered golf courses and some are among the best in the world.

The oldest course in Australia is at Bothwell in Tasmania. It was established in 1839 and some claim that it is the oldest course in the Southern Hemisphere. Today, Australia has over 1,500 golf courses, including some of the very best in the world.

The golfing etiquette differs from one country to the other and between Golf Clubs. Most golf courses have dress codes. Find out what the dress code is at the course you're playing and dress appropriately. A pair of khaki shorts or slacks and a collared golf shirt will almost always meet the requirements, but it's a good idea to check beforehand. T-shits without a collar and jeans are usually not within the dress codes. Most golf courses do not require special golf shoes to play, but some golf courses do not allow the use of golf shoes with metal spikes any longer.

Golf package tours have many advantages. Everything is arranged for you, including transportation, accommodation and most importantly booking of tee times. Especially if you want to go golfing in high season at popular destinations, getting a tee time can be very difficult and often has to be booked a long time in advance. On a package tour you know in advance when and where you will play, and often you are allowed to play on courses where you normally cannot play because they are private and for members only. Many golf tours only include a few days of golfing, this gives you an opportunity to explore the surrounding area, to go swimming or do other activities with your family.

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